Website landing pages vs. home pages


You’ve probably heard about landing pages, product pages, home pages, and probably even squeeze pages…

Lately, many clients are asking me “So what’s the difference between them?”

It’s a great question, and I’m going to answer it for you now and hopefully, clear up any confusion.

Home Page

The home page of your site is the main page and glue that holds the rest of your website together. It’s usually the first thing your visitor sees when they type the URL (website address).

If it’s designed and written properly, it gets your visitor’s attention, quickly telling them you can help them solve their problem and to compel them to check out your site in more detail.

With good and sensible links, it will help them navigate your site, guiding them to take the next step you want them to and via your links, give them the information they came for.

Product Pages

Product pages are just what it says. It’s a page describing the features and benefits of a specific product or service in detail with the goal of converting your visitor to a qualified prospect or a paying client.

Each product or service should have its own dedicated web product page. This way, your visitors will be more focused on a specific product, and the search engines will have an easier time finding your page.

Landing Page

Landing pages are usually a single page site that has one specific purpose – to sell something or get you to take a very specific action. Often, landing pages have longer copy than a home or product page because they are acting almost like a full-fledged sales letter with a powerful call-to-action.

Many times, visitors are directed to a landing page by a print ad, a link from an online newsletter, another website, or an online banner ad. Smart advertisers will split test multiple landing pages for the same product to see which ones perform better.

Squeeze Page

The primary purpose of a squeeze page is to collect contact information from a potential lead or customer.

Most often, the copy is very short with the sole purpose of persuading your visitor to give them their contact information in exchange for getting some valuable information such as a newsletter or free special report,

This is one way to build up an online e-mail list so you can market to them and stay in touch with periodic information or promotions.

I’d love to hear your comments about this.

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2 Responses to Website landing pages vs. home pages
  1. Mickey Dodson
    October 18, 2009 | 9:24 am

    My comment is about squeeze pages. You used a pop up on this page to provide a form for one to ask for a free document. Once I filled in the form, I was taken away from the page. Then I couldn’t get back to it by clicking ‘home’. It just kept reloading the response to the request. I wouldn’t want that to happen on our web site. I am thinking of putting a form to sign up for the kid’s newsletter, but if a visitor is returning who has already signed up, I don’t want them to be forced to close it, and after they have signed up, I want them to use the site. My kids are very new to web building, but I have some experience. Their site is important to them for generating support. They aren’t selling anything, they are buying a future. But they are asking for help, so in effect that is selling.

  2. Merrill
    October 19, 2009 | 6:18 am

    Thanks and no, this shouldn’t happen. I’ll email you directly about this.

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