The new debate about using “Click Here” on your website


As long as I’ve been writing web and SEO copy, there’s been a general copywriting rule of thumb.

And it says: Don’t use the words “Click Here” with a hyperlink, because it doesn’t include any keywords in the link text.

And keywords in your links and anchor text are a good thing.

So that’s one train of thought – which does make sense.

But when you want a web visitor to click on a link, sometimes it’s tough to come up with the right combination of keywords in the link text that are strong enough to persuade them to click.

Another thing that’s crucial to getting a click is a powerful and compelling call to action.

A call to action is what you tell your prospect to do next.

Click Here is a pretty darn strong call to action, but doesn’t include any keywords.

The latest debate centers on using Click Here or not using Click Here as the link text.

Hmmm… The SEO side … or the strong call to action side?

Personally, I try to use keywords in my links whenever I can, and if my primary goal is to get people to click on a certain link, I’ll use Click Here if I can make it sound good, too.

Like everything else in life, I think balance is the key.

What are your thoughts?

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